Dynamic Words

by Dr. Kristen Allott

The website for optimizing busy professionals’ brains and bodies

Knowledge is power because it gives you more choice. By understanding how your brain and body work, you can have more energy, mental clarity, and better sleep. When we create a long-term investment in our bodies, we work better, are healthier, and have more pleasure in our lives.

Welcome to Dynamic Words.

Since the founding of Dynamic Paths ten years ago, I have been empowering people to meet their health care goals through taken small but consistent steps to improve their body and brains. This website provides free and low-cost resources to people who can’t come to Dynamic Paths for individual care.

We want to provide nutritional information to improve the functioning of the brain. Better brain function means less depression, anxiety, fatigue, addictions, and weight gain. There are two types of resources on this site: Free and Paid.

  1. Free is Free.
  2. The second section has more polished information for a nominal fee. As we both strive to improve our bodies and brains, I hope that this website will be an effective platform for a dynamic and ongoing dialogue.




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